Monday, September 19, 2011

Maths Rage

time to let out my inner maths rage (i have time tonight, well kinda)

but first of all, i am a problematic child.
i went to the doctors today for four minor problems, none of which are big enough to fill in for a medical certificate to appeal for being sick ): my mum told me to not think about it that way; to appeal because i'm going to do bad....
and zomg, waited so long at the doctors, i thought there would be no-one during the day...

i didn't get any of the last page+other questions before.
it's out of 61, and the last 2 questions of the back page is 18, and the other questions i missed was about 6 marks, so i am 100% going to get under 70%
even since yr 7, and i have gotten some pretty bad results one or two times, i have NEVER EVER EVER gotten under 70, even this yr i had a previous post about under 60 and it turned out i got over 70, but this time i'm going to get max 60, considering i didn't make any careless mistakes, so, my predicted mark is 45% and it's even worse than my chinese school test which i don't study for DDDDDD=
under 50 is really fail.
i guess it's ranks that matter, but i didn't get any of the last page so......)))))))): i have come to accept the fact that triple ranking digits are very possible, which is about the bottom 50% of the grade....
it just shows how not smart i am.
but it's ok, i never really wanted to get into 4Umaths. the head teacher is totes right, i found that paper hard so 4U is defs not for me. even some parts of 2U was hard.....
and my parents don't expect much from me, cause they know i've never been a maths person.

but this time i had a table with a stack load of paper, unlike 2U where i had approx 7pages and there were 9pages and i had to ask for paper twice which made me waste precious time. and in English, i got three different types of paper, and two didn't have any margins D= and i can't write properly without margins. at least in the hsc there's actual proper paper/booklets.

and why did they have so many perms/combs and none of auxiliary angles and the traditional angle between a line/internal, external ratio which they just had to re-word it in a crazy way. and hardly circle geo ):

i thought i studied hard, but obviously not hard enough.

my voice is dying, i can hardly call out someone's name, and i still have a jap speaking to do D= and i can't practise ): even after games night/rice with lots of shouting, my voice was perfectly fine.
and i don't feel sick.

we had a "Sacred Music Sunday" at church yday, and sang like 8-10 songs. and the speaker was a guys who wrote some of the songs we sing, and then he did a "preview" of a song he is going to release for another on of his albums. it was cool.

and noooooooooooo. girra formal just had to clash with the extra dance rehearsals next monday ))))))))): which means i won't be in part of the dance ):

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  1. I'm sure you'll be sure to do well in Maths.

    Also, if there's jap speaking, and you can speak, I'm sure you can get a med form for that.