Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fine Food Australia (:

i have spent the last hour eating (:
i really have. it's not good for my body or brain...
but yum...

fine food is this food expo at syd exhibition centre and its at syd every 2 years. and my dad has a store there  so we get free tickets.
basically the wholeeeeeeeeee place is filled with freeeeee foooood. yummmmmmmm. there's pastries, ice-cream/sorbet/sauces/chocolates, lollipops, drinks, coffee, cake and so much other stuff i ceebs to name.

my mum went there and bought back heaps of food (:
there's less packaged food but heaps more pizzas/pastries which she bought back.
and this year she brought marble soft drink <3

i wish i didn't have yearlies so i could go on thurs....

so i hardly studied anything.
i should stop going on Pottermore since there's nothing to do after the first book...

and i was supposed to have my P's test tomorrow but i can't see in my right eye so i had to cancel it ):

and captain speeches are cool (: it felt like a friday arvo today. and it felt like i did no work in class today.

the extents some people go to lie....in ext...........................

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