Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girra Semi-Formal

twas a hectic day and fun night (:

went jap tutoring, dentist, buy something to eat, back to jap tutoring, eat more stuff at home and then less than 1.5 hours to get ready.
i remembered last year's formal i had to shower, dry hair, do hair, make-up and wear dress in less than 1.5hours...

in the morning i couldn't decide if i wanted to curl my hair or straighten, but then i had limited time so straightening was sooo much more time saving.

and i'm asian, so i just picked a dress out of my wardrobe which i have never worn before, used the same heels, same jacket and same earrings. i actually didn't spend any extra money on clothes/accessories for girra's semi.

going there by bus, we had our own private bus, since no-one else was on it.
and we got there early so we could take more photos and it was half an hour earlier than baulko's so it was still light.

this is going to be very comparative from here on in.
there were canapes when we got on (: i'm kind of sad i didn't try the other one.
the tables felt smaller but they were more spread out and they had proper plates and proper knives/forks etc.
the boat was smaller and it didn't have a top deck but there was more space out front. they had wooden poles while baulko's had metal poles....which led to pole dancing....
there were heaps more photo taking and there were not many people and not many people dancing. i wanted to danced but this time i took more photos than i danced. at one point, the dancefloor was empty.
they didn't rush you to eat. at baulko, once everyone finished eating they quickly packed up the tables, but at girra, you slowly eat and then you wait upstairs until they finish packing stuff.
and they had desert at girra and fruit (:
the food was almost the same, i thought it was alright

it was nice seeing people and new people (:
and the boat stopped with the harbour bridge in the background so there were good phototaking opportunities.
girra's boat swayed soooooooooooooooooo much throughout the night. it was soo hard to stand and hold a ceramic plate properly, esp in heels.

my parents are so nice. my dad had a business trip the next morning so i was supposed to catch bus/train home. he told his boss to move it, and it was moved (: soo lucky. and then we had a spontaneous after party (sleepover) and i can't believe my mum let even though i asked her an hour before we came home.

it was nice talking at night, and listening to others (:

i really love people's dresses who have really cool backs with random straps/holes and stuff (:

and i was smart for girra's one and wore flats so i could actually dance (: i think i wore flats more than i wore heels....
it was really nice going under the harbour bridge and stuff (:

2nights, 2semis, 2cruises no rain (:
zero work.

the next morning i felt light-headed, like i had a hang over and therefore, did not do any work, except go maths tutoring

and today, i was supposed to go swimming but then i was like ceebs to walk out in the rain to my car, even though i had an umbrella.
i attempted to read a physics textbook. it's like reading a maths textbook, you can't properly read it without doing some maths, so it was very boring.....
and i love glee (: i watch it with my mum, i can't believe she remembers what happened last season :O

i haven't done any chem DDDDDD= i promised myself i would do 2 past papers everyday and i haven't done any, and i'm going out tomorrow and going away for the long weekend which gives me like 5 days to do like 13431216748367811374865743 past papers ))):

i just have to work hard when school starts, or actually get my act together and lock myself at home and not go out next week.

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