Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jap Excursion

it wasn't that great.

we watched a movie which was about dead people and then answered random questions. if i found the stuff ok, then the yr12's must have found it superrrrrrrr easy.

and the food was normal.
the salad was like normal aussie salad, they gave us half a bowl of miso soup (literally 3sips), rice on a plate, and teriyaki chicken with mashed potato.
the chairs were like chinese restaurants =/
portions were very small.
so not worth the 20bucks.

the place was actually full, except it was that big to begin with.

had to move my P's test because i'm going to be blind until next sat )))))))))))))): which is so inconvenient since i was hoping to get them before exams so i could drive straight to school and back without public transport.....hope i don't get eye cancer :S

JUST remembered i have a topic test on parametric/parabola stuff DDD=

missed out on crazy hat day ): and I ACTUALLY HAVE CRAZY HATS and heaps of food which i could of brought......if only jap excursion didn't clash....
missed out on double chem ): again ):

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