Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Day of Yr 11

well, the sport committee doesn't think so, since we have to do sport next term...

ahh HSC!!!
i feel like im going to go to some people's places then locking myself up in my house to study for chem, i need to do to the very best of my ability, to make up for my badbadbadbadbadbadbad trial.

did nothing today. the only time i picked up a pen was to draw pictures in English. and i guess it ok to have the same eng teacher for 3/4units of english. i guess it's easier to communicate...

in 365 days i'll be graduating D=

my yearly effort was probs about 40% of my chem effort =/
must do better next term. ie stop watching soo much Masterchef/going on fb/doing random crap.

i like grad assemblies (: and i like the speeches (:

when the weather goes above 30 degress, i start to die (i literally do, since i loose blood....)

time to get excited about semi (: i think i'll probs last minute shop cos i want a new dress for girra's semi, but if i can't find one, then i'll just get one from my wardrobe and not waste more money.

normo boys are so bad. well, their teachers allow offensive videos made by a yr12 for the whole school to watch, like if my bro found it rude, then it was pretty rude.....

and i admire non-asians coming first in Japanese. also generally non-asians who get academic awards are inspirational. it's like, even though i'm not smart, i can try.

and, there's a new guy! like, newer than me. that's realllly weird cause hardly anyone moves school from yr11-12. but now i'm not a newbie (: it's probs cause we have 199 people and then next term we'll have 200. but i never new they continued the reserve list for sooo long...
what a waste of space, the yr12s right now only have 195 people....

and Eunice, i'll be praying for you <3

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