Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2U was easy

and unfortunately i'm not one of them and i skipped questions, so there goes above average...
so i screwed it. and 2U was, i guess, "easier than expected" which means 3U is suppppppppppperrrrr hard, that's just how it is ):
i bet its gonna be super long as well ):
and i suck at 3U more than 2U )))))):

heaps of people are going to get 100%.

and the last question i have done before, except it was worth heappps less in today's paper than in the paper that i found it in.

how am i going to memorise 4 essays next year?
when i can only memorise one-ish

i still have 3more available hours to memorise D=

hope my hand doesn't die...


  1. 4 Essays? Wow...

    I guess this is why I don't do any social sciences.

    My brain capacity is better used for memorising Science, cause it's easy to memorise, and one essay's skeleton, tops.

    Memorising an entire essay word for word is like eating an entire pig, including bones. It's just not worth it >_<

  2. err... brendan if you do 4 units of english next year you need to remember either 3 or 4 essays (depending if you count creative as an essay)

    Also don't think like that elisa! when my parents figured out that I skipped about 10 marks worth of questions they were worried I wouldn't get over 50%. I think you'll do fine in 3u as long as you don't walk into the exam thinking "I'm going to get owned"

  3. oh lol 2 unit needs many essays and a creative. brendan i don't have a big stomach and i cannot eat multiple pigs but i have a memory like a fatty sponge that is a brain

    think you're doomed for 3 unit math? me too!

  4. 2U eng is like 3essays + creative
    which kinda equals four essays

    and i don't do any social sciences (brenden)

    now back to studying...