Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amazing Sights

so, today within ten minutes of my car journey to epping, i saw:

-a double decker tour bus bus at the round-about near my home. there are hardly any doubledeckers in syd, unlike hk
with two white horses. i kinda felt sorry for the guy waiting on the carriage in his suit, top hat, in the blazing sun. but then he gets paid.
i've never seen a wedding horse carriage in my life, except for tv. i have seen normal ones, which aren't as cool as wedding ones....
and then behind the carriage was a white limo.

i have been thinking, is it legal for horse carriages to go on roads? they can't go fast coz it would be dangerous to the people on it....coz it could flip etc.
and the people must be veryveryvery rich to afford a horse carriage and limo. i wonder if a wedding car is more expensive then a limo...

and i couldn't take photos coz the car was moving ):

i was going to write more about other schools muck up days, except i don't have time ):
i'm have a huge feeling i'm gonna fail, i can't even do the past papers within their 2hr limit ):

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