Monday, September 12, 2011

shouldn't have gone to school for chem today and dancing and i would have 4.5+ more hours to study instead of panicking, which i am currently am while typing this.


it was the last prac for my high school chemistry life and it was quite cool (:
also, the teacher bought a little cake from woolies for a guys birthday and it was part of the "one week early end of chem party" but we had nothing to eat it with =/
and they put two matches as candles, which made my day (:
dancing is like the only thing which keeps me kinda fit

i don't know anything ):

1 comment:

  1. Calm down, sit down,

    Put on some music.

    Pick up a pen.

    Think, don't panic.


    (That's really all you need for study/tests. Minus the music for tests, cause they don't like you having MP3 players.)