Wednesday, October 4, 2017

You know things are getting real when exam timetables are out. Just over 30 days until dooms days exams start. At least this time round I don't have a night exam which finishes after 7pm, and a 8:45am exam the following morning. Morning exams always means leaving the house at around 5:30am, to allow 1hr for car accidents. Less than 30 days until research due...thank goodness an extern is helping us to enter data.

I think this time round I'm more worried than I am stressed. Normally I'm a combo of both, but the worry gets to me more. I don't know what I would do if I something so minuscule trips me up again... Re learning things by yourself ain't easy, in a way it's actually harder to re learn since you know you know it from last year, and that knowledge is somehow in your head, but you think, do you know it enough under exam conditions, esp since haven't done an exam in almost a year. I feel like my brain is lacking that 'exam mode' it needs. I have probably lost my ability to write fast in exams as well...They are definitely going to ask questions in a different style this year (even though I forgot what they asked last year), but with a lot more added content this time round. Here's to 4 exams for one subject again...

Still delaying what places I should put down for preceptorship next year, since part of me doesn't want to think about next year until I pass, God willing. It's still a struggle between what my brain thinks and what my heart knows even as a Christian... I know I shouldn't worry about these things but it's still hard not to...

It's funny how I haven't done any cardio for almost 2 weeks, and my heart rate range has dropped by 2 according to my Fit Bit. I wonder how much it would drop during STUVAC where I just stay at home to study, and only walk to the kitchen to get food, and in a small house it's really not that far away. Goodbye any slight fitness I've managed to conjure for over 2 weeks...I completely understand why once people exercise, they really need to keep it up...

Finally got my ring contact lenses yesterday. Apparently someone took my order...on the lecturer's sheet there was a line drawn between my name and the person on top, and he was like a friend took my CL. I am 200% sure I didn't ask anyone to collect it for me. Why would I ask someone to take my contacts for me especially when I'm not friends with anyone in the current year? I think some people are just greedy and took an extra box, because I don't think he could have missed ordering mine...In the end he reluctantly gave me a box, like if you didn't give it to me, I can't do my assignment unless I use my last year coloured contacts. So, so disorganised this year. With my order needing to be re-ordered, and only getting 1 box instead of 2...But ring lenses are more comfortable than the coloured contacts.

It's quite nice to finish uni at 6pm and walk out and it's still light, and watching the sky turn colour. The bad thing is that afternoon sun glare in your eyes, and can't really sleep on the bus until it's darker, and also trying to do stuff on your laptop, but that glare is too much reflecting off your screen #fwp. I still prefer winter where it's nice and dark and can see your laptop on the way home. Another bad thing is drummer next door thinks he can drum later at night since the sky doesn't go dark until later.

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  1. Best wishes <3 I hope your exam brain kicks in soon!