Thursday, October 5, 2017

La Belle Miette

Macarons still remain my fav dessert, despite it really being just sugar, cream and a bit of almond flour. This place was on my list to buy some macarons to take back to the fam. I feel like most of Melbourne food places are all in a walkable distance, unlike Sydney where some good cafes are in the next suburb and have to drive out of the CBD to get there.

Loving these cute little shop fronts in Hardware Lane

loving the pastel rainbow coloured macarons

8 macarons-$22.40 ($2.80 each)

Decided not to pay extra for a fancier gift box even though it's a bit sturdier. I guess it's easier to take car of them in the car compared to flying overseas and brining macarons back home. 

they mostly survived the road trip from Melb to Syd!

Flavour from left to right:
- Creme Brûlée: it had some nice crunchy bruleed/sugary bits in the cream which gave it an interesting texture.
- Lavender: flavour is subtle until you eat like half of it. Would have liked more lavender flavour, but I guess if it's too much it becomes too potent. 
- Lychee: more on the sweet side
- Strawberry, rhubarb, passionfruit: the shell had a bit of strawberry, but the passionfruit filling had a lovely tang to it. There was also a rhubarb piece in the centre as well to give it some tartness
- Earl grey chocolate: could definitely taste the tea in it which is a plus, and chocolate not too sweet
- Violet and blueberry: my favourite out of them all. The violet/floral flavour came through, and so did the blueberry
- Pistachio: flavour was average, I've had better pistachio macarons before, but I wanted a green colour to help balance out the colours in the macaron box.
- Salted caramel: apparently this is their most popular flavour. It did have a nice bitterness from the caramel, but would have liked it a bit more salted, and after the second bit it did become more sweet.

They all had a good crunch from the shell with a chewier inside. The filling is quite shallow in terms of height, so it does make these macarons seem a lot smaller compared to its competitors. Sometimes less filling does help bring out the flavour more without being overloaded with sugar. Price wise it's the same as Zumbo's, so not too expensive compared to other macaron shops or even just normal cafes which supply macarons.

look at that lovely pastel purple colour

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