Monday, October 23, 2017

Once again, being spammed with more photos of food, but happy that Dad can finally spend his bday with his fam in HK as well, literally the first time in over 24 years. Although that unlimited champagne and brunch place they went to, I need to put on my HK to eat list as well, and Gordon Ramsay's restaurant which was on my list over 2 years ago, but this year I was only in HK for like 3 days so didn't have time to go...It's cute how my Uncle got all the October bday guys matching shirts from that basketball game he went to (I imagine those shirts ain't cheap...)

How generous that they provided us the time limit this year and the diff tasks for the prac exam (sarcasm intended).

People watching at work yday, and sort of can't believe how spoilt some kids are, or maybe just bad parenting...? This kid around 4/5(?) just screaming and crying and hitting the mum, first I've seen in public. Then parents shouting, then the parents walk away to the side and pretend it's not their kid. Then other people walk past asking if the kid was lost, both in English and Mando, but the kid speaks Canto since the parents spoke the him in Canto. Like you can't just ditch your kid and pretend it's not yours cause they're screaming and crying?

Ahh, sort of hate this slight overwhelming feeling when I try to set goals for the day but then can't finish it. In a weird way, still sort of can't believe it's exam season again, even though I've been telling everyone I need to study. Also, have scheduled all my food posts (some from ages ago lol).

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  1. Sometimes I set goals for the day if it seems like there is a lot to do, and other times it feels better to just take each hour as it comes. You're so busy and have got so much on, you're doing great :)