Saturday, October 7, 2017

Kyo Tea House

Quick pit stop after lunch to get some matcha desserts, something that Sydney can still work on. 

Matcha extra strong (intensity 8)-$5.20 ($4.50 + 70c premium flavour)

they only have 4 levels of matcha

I think for Aus standards, this is the most bitter matcha ice cream I've had. It's pretty intense hit of matcha, but still has a tiny bit of sweetness. I would rate it as 6.5 or 7 out of 8 intensity compared to Suzukien Asakusa in Tokyo. 

Suzukien Asakusa

You can tell the intensity 8 is a brighter and even more intense green than Kyo Tea House level 8. This one in Tokyo was so bitter I could only have a few spoons before reaching the other slightly sweeter hojicha flavour. They also had 8 levels of matcha, but it's Japan, so it's expected they have more of everything.

Yuzu Matcha Mojito-$8

Quite a refreshing drink with a good balance of yuzu and matcha. I feel like you don't see many yuzu stuff mixed with matcha, and this place had quite a lot of flavour combos in diff forms of desserts. Would have liked to try other things if I wasn't already so full.

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  1. Come on Sydney, up your game. I need some real matcha in my life!