Monday, October 16, 2017

Worth It

Sometimes even just small things really make my day. Like overachieving optom shouting a coffee yday, or in my procrastinating 'breaks' when I get bored of studying, and end up on You Tube, then seeing places I've been to before!


Those feels when you've been to places before they are featured on Worth It 👌I actually still remember the taste of this ramen (and also the disappointment of finding them closed and returning on one of the last days of my trip), and this still remains the only place where I've finished drinking the ramen broth since most places are too salty. I normally don't repeat food places, apart from my exceptions, and just watching them eat that ramen, safe to say this place will join my list of exceptions.

I'm really liking how they're doing places outside of Cali. Other places I've been to before they were featured: 
- Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC, again which the exact same restaurant I have also  been to which was quite exciting. I just had to ramen and baos, and not the $100+ deep fried chicken. No money to afford that stuff almost 3 years ago, and I'm actually not that big of a fan of deep fried stuff anyway...but if I go NYC again and have 3 other people who are willing to spend on one damn expensive chicken, I would go back to there to try it. 
- Lady M in NYC, but now they have it in other countries as well. SG is a bit more expensive, and HK is the most expensive compared to the other 2 places.
- Sydney Fish Market. Yes, they even came to Aus! (Why do even people visit Aus when there's nothing down here?) The other places were Cirrus in Barangaroo, which I guess is accessible but that dish didn't seem that amazing, and the super expensive place was a Chinese restaurant in Melbourne, with some crazily priced abalone. A friend did say that Chinese restaurant is indeed superb, if only I had rich relatives I could join for dinner lol.
- They also did a steak version, and they are also accessible since 2 out of 3 are in Sydney. Maybe I should take my family to Rockpool after exams since my bro likes steak, and then I can also try that 3 figure steak that was featured...

I don't know why, but watching something on Worth It that I've tried/been to before, especially since it's overseas, it just excites me.

I feel like I normally get tired around 5pm, which probs doesn't help since the only lectures I have are at 5pm...Although I do like how there's no traffic on the M2 unlike if you're leaving uni between 3-5:30...

I still sometimes wonder how I managed to fit in time to study in previous years. Like last year where I had 8ams (and you actually get to uni before 7:30am cause carpooling friend and need to get that closer parking), and end after 9pm, and average day is a 9-6 for the other 4 days of the week, then Sunday work, so technically only Sat to study and by the time you get home and eat/shower it's already 9pm, then get like 2/3 hours to study at night. Although there were days when we had those ridiculous 6+hr breaks which weren't really productive...Trying to think back when/how effectively I studied, but not really feeling the effectiveness...Sometimes I wonder, if I pray in the morning for a productive study day, am I really that 'needy'...?

When I hear of people wanting to study my course next year, I slightly cringe (can't believe it's already been 5 years, the HSC was defs less stress compared to uni...) There's already an over supply tbh. I don't have anything wrong with what I'm learning, just the way it's taught. Well maybe with the whole degree change this year (so hard to not cause more 'triggers' for those of us who missed out), and the trimesters coming in, that they will improve how it's taught.


  1. I groaned when they went to Australia and now they've even gone to Japan... don't come to the same country as me lel

  2. Aw I love hearing about you getting excited :)