Friday, October 27, 2017

Stranger Things 2-First International Premiere

I was more excited about going inside the Opera House for free, than the actual first ep of season 2 of Stranger Things. First time going inside was just for Bennelong, so I don't think that really counts since it's not the actual Concert Hall. Today was another 'money can't buy' experience, so glad I came and sort of de stress from studying. 

They were doing the first international premiere in Sydney (i.e. before America for once), as part of some Sydney something initiative. I somehow was browsing and came across this event, and all you needed for 'pre sale' tickets was sign up to the newsletter. I am always up for signing up for stuff if it involves freebies. I'm also not a big fan of the show or the 80s, but just got there earlier to get tickets, and decided might as well wait in line to go in. Some fans even had the whole fairy lights thing/related merchandise...


they even gave out lanyards

fake sets ft children who sort of look like the actors

did they always have purple carpet??

found it super cool they hired these 1980s game arcade machines


I think we all used to have a stage when we played pinball. I remember it was the first ever computer in our house, and don't think we had internet back then, well over 10 years ago. Pretty cool to see pinball irl. There were other arcade games which normally you'd pay a few dollars for at those game places (never paid cause waste of money), but they did a really good job at creating this 'immersive experience.'

80s music (what is even 80s music?)

they even have themed fences


Didn't get the chips with this burger, but actually for photo taking purposes, was probs the wiser choice. Food was average, it's more the novelty of having 'themed food' to match the experience.

ahh, love the architecture and the lighting from the sun through the windows

decorated themed bathrooms

Concert Hall!

all those lights

they even had an MC

The set up a temporary stage/screen in front of what I think is normally the stage, or where I imagine the orchestra would normally be. Cause of the blue lighting, you don't get the normal bright lighting you see in those typical photos. There's also pretty bad reception in here as well haha. 

The actual episode was pretty good for a first ep. Loved how they matched scenes/sounds with different coloured flashing lights since it helped emphasise the intenseness in the show.

Hopefully one day I can visit and experience more of the acoustics/grandness inside the Opera House under more brighter/normal lighting lol. I think it would be easier to appreciate the architecture with normal lighting.  I still think watching the ballet or listening to the opera is a rich people's thing, even though it probs cost the same as watching a musical (which I may have seen one too many). 

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