Friday, October 20, 2017

It took over 4 Cathay/Qantas <$600 sales to finally convince my dad to go HK by himself. My mum and I would jump at the chance, but too bad I have uni, and when mum went last time by herself during exams, we all struggled unfortunately...Even when plane tickets were $500 for Qantas, he still said no. Tbh, I'm just glad he's gone there now to just visit his parents even only for a week. Like I've seen them more than he has, so it really was his turn. It was also his turn of bringing over 40+kg of 'Australian produce.' 

At our house, going to/from the airport, you're on your own. Whoever is free will drop the person going to the airport off at the train station, and you lug almost over 40kg on the train, then change trains to the airport. Only get dropped off at the airport last time because coincidentally my uncle was here and booked a similarly timed flight back to HK.

Malibu Passion from Zest, our local patisserie

Cake wasn't really sweet surprisingly. Just got a random cake the other day. The raspberries weren't fresh though (Dandelion would definitely be disappointed with these raspberries). There's actually more cakes I want to try, since Zumbo has released another new range, but I ain't going to the city on my day off to get cake for my bro. Even for myself I wouldn't go out if my bday landed on a day off. Zumbo individual sliced cakes have shrunk in size, and pretty much all of them start from at least $9 now, so dunno if worth for a small individual slice. 

My bro is kind of like me in a way,  the stuff we want but don't need are quite expensive, yet not afraid of asking people to chip in. He must have a lot of friends, or just a lot of rich friends in general to pitch in for something that pricey...Tbh, the best gifts are priceless 😊

Literally 10 years later, Philip Pullman releases another trilogy, which apparently is a 'companion trilogy' to The Dark Materials. Completely diff characters but I'm guessing the main concept will be similar. 10 years ago, Northern Lights was my favourite book. I think I was intrigued by the title (hence one day, hopefully, I'll get the chance to see it), but quite liked the story line. Will read the new book after exams, and hopefully it'll be off the reserve list in the library.

Look at that standard deviation

Sort of cry inside, yet the supervisor likes the error bars...It goes into the negatives 😒 Tracy, can you feel my pain? Haha. Drawbacks of having a small sample size, and limited time...oh well, at least we tried.


  1. Looooool good old days of microsoft made graphs. Those error bars legit hurt my eyes lol. I miss the days of stats

  2. Aw love that your dad got to go! All that Australian produce though >_<