Saturday, October 14, 2017

I feel like every time before/during exams, some relative is overseas on holidays somewhere. Like do you really have to send everyone a photo of every single dish you eat x2 because you had it for lunch and dinner as well? It's not like I haven't seen a mango before....Once is more than enough, like can't you just post on fb, and not take up my phone space, or me wasting time to delete them? Although I have to admit having a private pool next to your bed with full ceiling to floor glass windows is pretty nice in Thailand. And so is my uncle who somehow got free tickets from work to see a basketball game in NYC, and sitting pretty close to the front. Although I don't watch that sort of stuff, still cool to be able to experience that sort of stuff. However, I really don't need to see other people's photos of pasta in HK, like please, even I don't spam the group with my brunch food, and that stuff (yes I am biased) is quite pretty.

Another thing which slightly annoys me is when people loop videos on Snapchat, or post both to stories and direct...Still get excited to variously live through people's snaps from overseas. Please keep them coming.

I talked to an optom a few weeks ago, who's brother is filthy rich, as in earns $50 000 PER DAY on a 'bad day' because he's some investment guy, multiple companies, shares, properties, and stuff I can't even imagine, because I think the average person would earn $50 000 PER YEAR. Hence this optom only works part time, and really just something to help pre occupy time/help people and not feel bored at home...Actually he even googled his brother at work (Vincent Hua). Even a few weeks later, sometimes I still try to comprehend how people can earn that much money in one day without physically working...

He did say that something isn't a real problem if it can be solved by money. I think that's quite true in a way, like how he was saying that of there's conflict between his parents with their rich son over some minor thing about like how they spend $1000 on a bottle of wine, that communication can't be fixed with money...

Another thing I think money obviously can't fix is time. Super grateful for people who give up their time to help. Slowly learning the functions on Excel...why did they never teach us properly in high school or even first year uni but taught us all this maths we would never use? It's actually quite a relief that an extern helped us enter the data in. I don't think I could ever do a job which involved facing an excel sheet majority of my day...A lot less overwhelmed compared to Tuesday (but I have a feeling on Tues I would be overwhelmed again, oh well, deal with that when the time comes...)


  1. Excel is so underappreciated, it can do so much (especially stats) but so many of us just never learn/get taught how

  2. lel $50 000 on a bad day, gosh.

    My mum always tells me the same thing about stuff not being a real problem if money can solve it.