Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Ahh, LV, my favourite.

One thing about text is that you can't really detect sarcasm. Talk about the LV brand, and I'm all up for it, talk about optom, and yeah, you can't help but still be a bit salty and bitter. I'm actually not sure if there are any optom kids who sometimes come across this blog, but it's sort of ironic how my ranty optom posts are also the one posts which have the most page views, even more than my food posts which I link to Zomato for more 'exposure.' Tbh, I don't care about the numbers because it's just more for fun, and I will probs be MIA during exams.

My experience surveys are up (used to be old CATEI handwritten forms, but I guess they finally figured online surveys were better). I think if I copied and pasted countless emails/rants/blogs, it would turn into a mini thesis, but there's really no point ranting or filling in the survey because what are they actually going to change? You can't re-do something and not compare it. This year they added even more extra content, not like you can say less content or even same content.

I have to admit, pretty impressed that they have hand magnifiers with Qi charging. Although the guy said that irl just refer px to them, so really, why do we even need all this old style LV aids....

At least this year with my beloved LV (yes, sarcasm), the prac notes today had worked examples and ACTUAL WORDS. A million and one times more detailed last year's prac sheet, cause last year's was literally blank and fill in the box and your on your own. This year they also hired some post grads, but then one doesn't know anything either so sort of pointless. Already prepared for the prac, but then a lot of the stuff wasn't taught until the prac today. Wasn't even taught last year in the lectures or pracs. Who even measured the height from the ceiling to the table? As if we even own a metre ruler to take with us to the prac exam and then measure to compensate for powers etc, and when there's no letter chart in the prac exam, how do you even do mags for distance objects? Even the lecturer/marker said today to just guess. So I guess I have bad guessing skills from that worksheet last year? Please don't tell me to guess when in the exam you asked to show working. #rigged.

I hope we do get the prac sheets back though. At least they are attempting to mark it this year. Scanned all that crap last year and just one general comment from the whole grade that we suck and need more practice, well at least teach us properly?

Hence, I didn't bother last year with the uni surveys, and only after results decide to try to do something, which turns out just this year has more content and contact hours, but nothing has changed in terms of time spent with the equipment. Even though I studied for it, still not enough time to finish everything. Once again, time is my weakness. I think majority of the class didn't finish, and it's now of those things where you actually need to have it there to measure stuff.

Also 50+% chance sure the format for the prac exam will be diff again this year. Oh gosh, less than a month to go.

Also 3 weeks to go until report due. I wasn't feeling overwhelmed yday, but after 4 hours of continuous pracs, then straight 1+ hr meeting and lecture with more content, ahh...and doesn't help when your supervisor doesn't know what should be analysed either, because there is so much data to compare, and he doesn't know, and we don't know, and then it's just all confusion. Also when participants reschedule over 3 times even though they are so close to finishing all their visits...'Humans are the problem...' the slight regret of choosing a study with people I think has finally hit me, but really, it's the final stretch...so close yet so far.Jjust the report is in the way of studying, although even though I know the stuff from last year, it's really the thought of 'Do I really know it?' and to answer my own question, don't think so.

Yes I know, I shouldn't be complaining with my reduced contact hours, so...


In reality, it's probably not as bad as I make it out to be. It's just that frustration I thought has subsided just came back today. This time spent on here ranting, I could be typing more notes and finishing off a report...

Brain felt a bit fried today, or maybe because I haven't used my brain this much since...a year ago? You know it's been a long day when you come home and your phone still has >60% battery remaining...At least the Survivor winner was someone I wanted to win.

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  1. That sounds so frustrating, ugh. Wish your course had better organisation :(