Saturday, October 21, 2017


I'm one of those people who thinks hashtags should stay on Instagram, and not be on FB or on this blog, but sometimes can't help it when I come home to this notification on my food Insta:

I finally won something!!! I was even of thinking of hash tagging something like #plsletmewin. Technically, I didn't take the photo (thanks BW + new camera for that sneaky in the moment shot), but free $50 of food! This really made my day lol. Hope he does reply and gets back to me on how to claim the voucher...I've actually been to One Tea Lounge quite a few times now, and even though their stuff is more pricey, still like the inventiveness of their stuff.

The only other thing I've won before on Insta was through regramming something, 2 years ago but that prize wasn't edible...I like how I can still keep it since it's not temporary like food, but still food related.

I can't believe my cousin who is only 2(?) already attending interviews to get into a 'good' childcare/preschool, since apparently in HK, they start learning stuff when they're 3. Really grateful for my parents to make the decision to move to Aus before I was born, so I didn't have to go through the whole studying/interviews/selection process, and glad I could still be relatively carefree compared to those HK toddlers...I guess that's why most of the HK people are quite smart though. Although I do have some 'lazy' cousins who just don't put any effort into studying, or even trying to find a part time job because they aren't even bothered to work because it's too 'hard work' when it's really they are lazy...Like if you're going to give up your education, at least find a job? Hard work is good but not when you overwork yourself. On the other hand if you don't work at all, then that's also not good either.

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  1. You have a really great perspective on things. So balanced and wise.