Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Good Food Guide 2018

Since it's Good Food Month, they have yet again released another list for this year's Good Food Guide. I think normal people work up a list, for this sort of stuff, I am slowly making my way down the list. Surprised only 2 places in Sydney made it with 3 hats. Going to be 1 place next year with Sepia closing down at the end of the year, unless one 2 hatted place makes its way up to 3 hats. Quay yet again remains at the top, you all have to try the snow egg at least once in your lifetime haha.

Surprisingly have been some 2 and 1 hatted restaurants, but this sort of stuff it's pretty much impossible to complete unless you really have loads of money to spend, or even willing to spend that much on food. I think eating out once in a while is nice, but not if you overdo it, since I feel it takes away the excitement or 'specialness' of dining out. That being said, one day I will go to Victoria to try their 3 hatted restaurants...I still wish Michelin would come down under, just really to compare how our food is on a global scale.

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  1. Sepia's closing down? D:

    And noted! I'm going to try this snow egg some day!!!