Monday, October 30, 2017

Tea Plus

When you ask me what Taiwanese food consists of, I'm not really sure. When I went to Taiwan just over 2 months ago, I mainly had mango shaved ice and desserts, and the occasional beef noodle soup, but not a lot of savoury foods apart from market food. Finally made it to Tea Plus after wanting to try their pot plant milk tea for 4 years. Some friends are worth trekking to the city just for a dinner catch up. I had absolutely no idea there were 5 Tea Plus branches, always thought there was only 1 at Burwood, so never bothered to go there to try the plant milk tea when it was hyped up back then.

food spread

Original plant milk tea: $5.80

I opted for the hot version with 50% sugar. This drink was actually really nice! You could taste the tea flavour and it wasn't sweet which is good. I actually try to avoid milk teas because most of them are just really sugar with a tad bit of tea. The sea salt foam on top probably helped to cut back the sweetness as well, it had just the right amount of savoury in it with an interesting foam texture. The cookie on top which acted like the soil sort of spilled everywhere when you initially started to drink it.

cute jug cup

Who knew ordering drinks for 6 people was that hard? They messed up the order with the winter melon milk foam drinks, as it didn't come with any foam, and it was super sweet. Maybe it was sweet since sugar is more prominent in a hot drink, or just the syrup they used. The pearl milk tea with pearls with normal sugar wasn't as sweet as the winter melon drinks.


 here's the menu (ceebs typing up every dish/snack)

Food was generally ok with decent portions, and the menu is quite extensive. We ordered quite a lot of snacks, and although small, the takoyaki were surprisingly good. Yes, the equivalents of these dishes in Taiwan are obviously better and cheaper, but I think for Sydney this is alright. 

TeaPlus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Yeah, this is actually a really nice way to have a catchup with friends! So many drinks to choose from!