Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sculptures by the Sea 2017

First time today at Sculptures by the Sea-didn't even realise it's the 21st year of Sculptures. Every year it's always before exams period, and ends before the week exams starts. Decided to go on the first day of their official in the morning because 1. Avoid crowds and people in my photos 2. Exams are coming, so better to go early then later...right? Actually, there were quite a few locals walking in the morning, and quite a few primary school kids later as well. Apparently it was already considered not crowded, so it might feel like Asia on the weekend...

There were over 100 sculptures featured, I don't think we saw them all, but definitely the majority. They were still installing some sculptures and moving some stuff around in the morning. It takes around 2 hours to see everything if you're like me and like to take photos/not rush it. Just decided to post selected ones here.


it's a burger! also strangely has glitter on it

'High Tide'

looks pretty cool from diff angles

this was one of my favs, just something about the shapes the wires make

weird melting faces

apparently this was the winner this year, well the circle loop thing at the back

There were people standing in front so didn't take a photo of it. The circle looks less interesting than the one in the foreground here.

'Y Not'

some massive rock, still thinking of how they transported it here

mini sculptures

Majority of the sculptures cost at least a few thousand dollars. Like I'm pretty sure the labour hours to make it plus the materials doesn't cost a few thousand, so you're pretty much paying for the originality of the artwork. I can appreciate how some of them would look really nice if you had a massive home with a wide expanse and blank white walls to feature a sculpture. Most homes aren't even that big, so if you put a sculpture inside, it would make the house even smaller. I guess maybe some hotels would purchase them to make their lobbies fancier.

$59 500

How does this cost as much as a fancy car?? Anything over $50k I would already consider as a 'luxury' car. It's just some metal cut and arranged in a weird shape. It's not even moving and the colours aren't even nice. Someone pls explain why this costs $60k...

accurately represents optom: 1. living life on the edge 2. falling drowning into the ocean

The sculptures weren't mind blowing (maybe I've seen a bit too much art already in Europe at the beginning of this year lol), but they were pretty cool and can respect the creativities of the artists. Super lovely weather as well since you get that nice coastal breeze on the short coastal walk. Would recommend if you guys have time to go have a look. I have to admit, it does feel pretty good to take a break from studying/stressing from research.

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  1. Oooh this year looks great! 'High Tide' is my favourite, I think :)