Friday, April 20, 2018

Finally all 8

After over 3 years, all 8 of the G8s finally were in the same place at the same time. The last time was when half of use got back from holidays and met up in beginning of 2015. Since then, either someone if busy studying/interstate/overseas/working, so max we have is 7/8, and is very normal that someone leaves the country the day before or even same day as someone arrives. We don't even tell each other this, but somehow miss each other lol. Thanks to Dandelion for organising another birthday dinner, and doing a yearly quiz (which I feel like we do worse each year haha), but still fun to do. It was so good just chatting with everyone, especially just chilling at Central Park afterwards. Probs gonna be another 3+ years before we're all together again. I'm thankful for my hs group whom I don't see often, but are still tight and can just easily talk about anything. 

Steam Mill Lane

There's this new lane in Sydney which is sort of like Barangaroo, but smaller, and more 'young' and 'funkier' I guess, where is Barangaroo is more 'romantic'. I like these coloured lights though. Heaps of new restaurants opening up here where I'm pretty sure used to be the Entertainment Centre carpark and heaps of empty space/land.

Random balloon looking things on the building

We had dinner at It's Time for Thai. I think the one near uni is slightly better. Since I had a pre dinner, ended up taking away half my plate of noodles.

cakes from Koi

Green tea rose ganache with pistachio joconde, strawberry mousse and marshmallow


The serving size suggested about 6-8 servings, which is pretty big for a piece of cake. I feel like it can serve about 16 small but not too small servings. Dandelion ended up skillfully cutting it into I think either 18 or 24 pieces so most of us could try both flavours. It's not cheap for a cake, but it's so pretty. 

Black sesame with yuzu marshmallow and passion fruit

Majority of us preferred the green tea rose ganache, as the strawberry flavour popped and gave it a nice refreshing flavour. The black sesame was nice, but the flavours didn't really differ that much, and couldn't taste as much yuzu to give this cake a different dimension. Both cakes were relatively heavy, so I guess still get good value if you calculate it by weight. I base cakes on looks and technique, and I can see why it's worth the price. Have I become immune to overpriced cakes? Maybe....but hey, birthdays only come once a year, and 'special occasion' cakes like 21st or wedding cakes are literally once in a lifetime. Well everything is once in a life time, but I guess that's why special events exists.

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  1. This was a great day! And I totally agree, the each of the flavours really popped. Both cakes were so nice.