Thursday, April 5, 2018

Optom Cruise 2018

My fifth (and hopefully last) optom cruise. I feel way too old for this, and less energy too party. Also not the same without the group since they've all graduated, so was definitely the most chill cruise I've been on, and literally just went on an expensive cruise, and catch up with a friend. It was $50 this yr, last yr was $45 and before it was around $40. I think it's cause there's less people, since I remember in when I first went in 2nd yr, you were scrambling to find a seat/table, but there's enough seats on the side this yr. The drink bar closed in the middle, not sure why, maybe to re stock. They still closed the bar early. The drinks tasted bad as usual. No one actually got drunk enough to stop the boat and drag them off. The boat still stopped if people wanted to get off, and stopped one too many times at Fish Market and King St Wharf. Pizza was the same as last yr, always trying to fight for food, but lucky I ate stuff before. It wasn't as 'lit' as previous years. 

It was themed 'Aloha' or Hawaii themed, and people were pretty creative, dressing up as pineapples, or Hawaiian pizza. I had this dress I got from Thailand almost 10 yrs ago, and probs the cheapest dress ever at less than $10, and hardly ever wore it so decided to wear that. Ceebs making a costume for this. 


Same boat

The boat arrived early for once, before 7pm, and people started boarding quite soon. Ended up leaving at 7:30 since the photographers were running late lol.

fireworks at Pyrmont

poor people working at Barangaroo (although they do get paid heaps)

Darling Harbour

Cockatoo Island

under the bridge


Other cities have better night skylines, but Sydney is alright

the icons of Aus

Although the traffic is horrible, and house prices are even worst, I still love Sydney.

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  1. I really like how you caught the reflections on the water in your photos, so beautiful (like you!).