Sunday, April 8, 2018

Dainty Sichuan

I actually cannot eat spicy at all (well my limit is Kettle Chilli chips), but I still love trying new places to eat. Came here with BW since I know he can eat spicy. Me being yolo and always wanting to try ‘recommended’ stuff on the menu decided to get the three spice Beef noodles.

Spicy stewed beef noodles-$15.80

noodle lift

First bite in and it was tolerable. After the third bite I was dying (not as much as the time I accidentally ate the world’s chilliest chilli in the form of beef jerky where there was stomach and throat pain for at least 3 days). The chilli in the soup was the chilli which hits your mouth and tongue. Apparently the oil in it is supposed to numb the chilliness, but I am no chilli expert. The noodles weren’t too dense, and there were also decent chunks of beef. Maybe if I come here again, I’ll try a 1 chilli spice level, but then none of it was recommended on the menu so I probs won’t come here again since it’s just too chilli (unless I order non chilli stuff).

can see them making noodles

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  1. Oh my goodness, haha, Sichuan cuisine scares me. That broth looks so angry and spicy!