Sunday, April 22, 2018


There's a new place in town-Steam Mill Lane as part of Darliing Square (which I think was a car park  before al the renovations started happening). There's heaps of restaurants opening up in this cute laneway. It reminds me of Barangaroo, although that one is more 'romantic' and 'mature' where as this lane is more 'fun' and 'family friendly' with the coloured lights and cheaper food on average. Now I don't have to go Melbourne to try these burgers.

Didn't occur to be that 8bit=1 byte until BW pointed to it, which I'm guessing is like one bite of their burger...It's got a nice sort of modern retro feel to the restaurant.


it's cute how it's served in burgers

8bit with cheese: beef, tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, mustard, cheese, ketchup, 8bit sauce-$11.50

I always try to get a plain-ish burger without too much stuff added in just so it's easier to compare to other places. I didn't find this beef burger that amazing tbh. It tasted like a fancy Big Mac, but not as tangy. The 8bit sauce wasn't super prominent in flavour, since I think with the mustard and ketchup mixed you couldn't really taste the original flavour in their sauce. The beef is juicy without being too oily. The bread held well together and was soft (unlike Maccas where it was soft and felt apart just from your fingertips).

Golden Axe: crispy fried chicken, cheese, sriracha mayo, slaw-$12

We both liked the chicken one better since the beef was nice but there wasn't anything that stood out to make it different. There was a nice thin batter on this chicken, which make it extra crispy, and felt like less oil was soaked into the chicken. The chicken was also moist, and went well with the slaw to help freshen it up. The sauce had a nice kick to it without being too spicy.

cute arcade games

I think you could actually play for a while in these since the game I played was pretty say and hard to die in.

openish kitchen


I feel like there's more outdoor than indoor seating. Didn't have the fries or the shakes since this was a pre dinner for an actual dinner for me, so maybe next time.

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