Friday, April 27, 2018

Baking pt 2

Time has literally flew by. My 3 weeks off and then only 2 days of offsite placements this week and I've felt like I've done no study. Red Eye Clinic is so soon, and I know I'm gonna get smashed, and I should study, but I have procrastinated a bit too watching 4 seasons of Suits in one day, 

Other procrastination includes baking. 

Zumbo's Pash Me Banana Bread

I must admit, packet mix is cheating, but this banana bread for a packet mix is really good. It gives it the height that I can't make from scratch (even though my baking powder isn't expired), but I think the flour he uses is also a better quality. You literally just chuck stuff in and mix it. Only measure out butter and milk. It's also not really sweet, only sweet from the bananas, and has chopped up nuts for texture. Chopping up nuts into small pieces yourself is hard. It's also a lot oilier/buttery and healthier compared to the banana breads you buy at shops. It also includes passionfruit pulp you can mix into butter to make passionfruit butter, but who even needs extra butter on banana bread? It's nice on it's own, and less fattening.

In the oven. Proof that at one stage it had a nice high rise and smooth even brown top

after cooling it shrinks

the edge collapses on itself, shrinking away from the paper

Jap style cheesecake


Ended up using the extra block of cream cheese for this. Next time I'm gonna try no lining the sides to see if the cake will cling to the side and have a nice rise and not shrink as much after cooling. This cheesecake could've been a bit lighter, but I accidentally added the sugar to early when whipping the egg whites, so didn't quite get soft peaks, but was close. It browned more evenly this time since I put it towards the left side of the oven as I remembered from last time the right side darkened too much. This cheesecake isn't really sweet either, but obviously nowhere near as light as the one's you buy outside. No more baking for the rest of the year. Finally used up 4 blocks of cream cheese and a packet of 2mth old expired packet mix. My almond meal has also expired for a few months, but no time.

more insect ice cream

Walked past this at Chatswood, and now I've tried all 4 insect flavours from the Economists. They all just tasted sweet like ice cream, and crunchy from the insects.

Thanks BW for getting me my fav almond milk. I first tried this at the food expo last yr in September, and didn't even realised it's out in shops now, and in a bigger size.

yay for free burgers, thanks again BW

Got a wagyu-$15.90 and a hemp burger-$13.50

I couldn't really taste the hemp in it, found it really subtle. Maybe cause the patty bottom was too burnt for me, and I'm more sensitive to burnt things. I've been 'trained' by mum to always peel off burnt stuff in food, but in a patty inside a burger, it's a bit harder to do that...

I should really get my reports done, because now I'm going to New Zealand before going to Melb and Hobart. Yay for more travel and experience. Too bad the lens I bought probs the invoice can't be back dated so that I can get the gst back from it. I'm grateful for an all expenses paid trip to NZ plus clinical experience. I didn't put that much effort into the application, but did dawdle on it for a couple of hours. Now to tell my manager that I need another week off...The irony is that the company is my work's charity organisation. Next week gonna start getting super busy. I feel like I say this all the time haha. Sometimes I am pretty grateful that I only had research last year and not this year so I have time to do other stuff like go volunteer in NZ.

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  1. Your loaf looks great, and so does your cheesecake as usual!

    Hope your reports get done soon! Sounds like you have a lot ahead of you, remember to take a break every now and again, whether it's baking or burgers with BW :)