Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter 2018

Normally I sleep in so can't attend morning services, but first time attending a Good Friday service in a long time. Nice to spend part of the weekend reflecting on the meaning of Easter with BW. It's sort of funny how my 'normal' time to get home nowadays is like 12-2am, well, at least for the past few days. The long weekend was half work and half catch ups. I think my throat hurts from talking to people too much. If I wasn't so lazy, I would've liked to go on a mini road trip somewhere, and take nice sunset photos, but I contradict myself because I ceebs going, and also no time, and not feeling the best.

I don't like how Easter is so commercialised, but a colleague gave me some Ferrero Rocher dark chocolate in easter egg form, and it's quite nice. It's not as big, and you don't have to chew through the nut in the middle compared to the normal chocolate.

mini Easter feast ft BW's paella bottom left

Feeling so spoilt when he cooks. To those who read this, you know I love food, and I love watching all those cooking tv shows and know the theory of cooking, I just can't actually cook. Unless you count boiled veggies, or chucking together a raw salad or sandwich count.

When you fb call a friend to join the dinner table

This is the 2nd time having Uber Eats, and I get fascinated when you can track the car coming to the house. I don't order delivery/pizza/ubers, so I don't normally see the whole tracking thing. Nice catchup with half the G8s, but so sad missed out seeing Happy Apple. It was nice hearing people's testimonies on the Easter Sunday baptisms. I may have 'missed' the chance with my one and only Sunday off in the year, but part of me just doesn't feel ready to get baptised because of 'logistics.'

Late night 1am Catan

Easter Monday was work, then catching up with some other church peeps. I haven't played this for a while, and this game took about 1.5hrs, much longer than your usual game. I was blue there, and people kept blocking off my rock supply, but at one point if someone rolled an 8, I had enough to get a settlement. I feel like Catan has become one of the 'classic' boardgames, goodbye my old school boardgames like Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo. I still love playing boardgames regardless. Played Avalon as well, and I am so bad at being on the 'evil' side.

Beef noodles-$9.20

First time actually going to the HK Cafe since they closed down at Carlo Village and moved to Eastwood. It was public holiday so 10% surcharge, so most people wanted cheap eats, and tbh, me too. I was disappointed when they gave the thin noodles instead of the normal flat noodles when you order this dish. It's so oily and greasy, and so different to home food. It's not as good as I remembered it to be. 

I sort of have 3 weeks off, but half of them are filled with events, and should finish off some reports as much as I can, and hopefully do some end of year planning. This week has almost half gone, so it is going pretty quick already. I must force myself to study, even though I've said that the past 6 weeks/beginning of the year.

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  1. The HK Cafe!! What a throwback to childhood post-church lunches.