Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spit Bridge to Manly Coastal Walk

I'm actually not a bit fan of coastal walks because it's usually sunny, hot, and skin gets tanned, but I do like coastal walks cause of the views, and the non-fenced cliffs where you can lookout from above the ocean/cove. It was really nice weather to go walking. It's roughly a 10km walk, and stuff online says it takes about 3-4 hours. I think we took around 3.5 hrs including resting/taking photo time. We didn't do the walk all along the coast though.

Started at Spit Bridge, and majority of the walk is in shade which is a major plus. I've done Bondi to Coogee three times now, and cause it's proper coast, there's no shade, whereas along the coves/harbours, you're walking under the trees. This route has quite a lot of stairs, some stairs made of stones/rocks, but majority is relatively well paved. It's narrowish at times, so single file walking through the bushes.

Spit Bridge

Ended up walking up until this parkas Clontarf Reserve, and there's no actual track, where we realised after you could walk through the sand as the faster way which then leads back onto the track, rather than going through the streets. Then again, it's sandy and I don't like sand in shoes, esp sneakers, so I'm glad we took the longer way.

I like looking at views from cliff tops, and esp the gradient of the water

relaxing at some rocks and watching rich kids jump of fancy boats

Hornby lighthouse in the far distance

Ended up skipping the middle of the track through the bush and walked on the suburban streets until the track started again when it went horizontal (east) on the map, and was a lot more well paved and spacious, and not walking through bush. Didn't walk to Many Beach since we saw the ferry coming and went straight to the wharf. Manly Beach has this Gold Coasty vibe to it. There is a crazy amount of people catching the ferry on the weekend around sunset, never caught a ferry this full before.

I've feel like I've been on Sydney harbour pretty much weekly the past few weeks haha.

I like the orange glow from the sun (but wished the person's head wasn't in the way)

I love the purply/pink sunsets, if only there wasn't anyone on the train station

I always wish there was more time for walks, or when I do have time to do walks it's not hot/sunny/humid, but I'm still grateful to spend time with BW.

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  1. I have yet to do one of those beach walks! They look so pretty!