Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Cockatoo Island

Born and grew up in Sydney, but first time coming to Cockatoo Island. I do appreciate Aussie history, even though it's not that much relative to the world, but it's nice that the government has decided to maintain the history of this island. Didn't even realise there was that much hx behind it in the first place. Grateful to spend a day exploring at one of BW's fav places. It's quite a touristy place, and didn't finish exploring the island, but probs will be back again when there's more time.

yay for sunny but not hot weather

There are a few artworks on Cockatoo Island as part of the Sydney Biennale which finishes mid June. 

old shipping machinery which is always here apparently

they made glass sounds (not sure if there was a hidden speaker)

This one was my favourite exhibit. Walking into a shipping container and just following it to the end.

Inside shipping containers with multiple mirrors angled 

the light at the end of the tunnel was from the sky! 



the shipping container getting light from the sky

There were other artworks there but didn't bother taking a photo.

Different side of Sydney

Sunset on the ferry back 


  1. Cockatoo Island seems to have a very interesting vibe, kind of quiet.

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