Thursday, March 29, 2018

Glider KS

This cafe only has a few seats inside and is next to Spice Alley, but almost missed the entrance into it. There’s a front and back entrance, and somehow we both missed both entrances trying to find this cafe. 

food spread

Hojicha french toast, genmai with taro ice cream-$17

I think I was expecting a bigger hit in flavour in this dish, since the hojicha in the toast was very subtle, and the piece of toast wasn’t that pretty. The purple in the taro ice cream and edible flowers did help brighten the brown hues in this dish. There was a decent amount of taro flavour, but I also would’ve liked more. With Asian flavours, I prefer more stronger flavours without being sweet, so I guess they may cut back on the flavours for people who aren’t as accustomed to those sorts of flavours.

Glider thai omelette (plain)-$13

I wanted to order a savoury dish but not a burger so settled for this omelette (too cheap to add extra money for chicken). It’s a nice omelette, but nothing amazing. Could be fluffier and had more Thai flavours rather than just using Thai toppings. I think if I tried, even I could make something like this.

Butterfly effect: lemon iced tea-$7.50

love this purple shade

When you poured out the drink, it had a lovely purple colour-one of my favourite shades of purple. It was a little bit bubbly and slightly sweet, but tasted more like carbonated water with a bit of lemon. 

cool cutlery

sort of open kitchen

front entrance 

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  1. I was going to go here with a friend once but it wasn't open early enough for us. It's a shame the flavors weren't strong enough! I always need a strong hit if it's tea.