Friday, July 31, 2015

Devon Take 3

I think I have weird eating habits. If I want something, then I'd have to have it or else I can't study.

And for the beginning of this semester, that was truffle. I knew if I didn't have it this winter and before uni gets hectic, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my studies and just think about truffle...

Missed out on last year's truffle season...and even though I don't like 'repeating' cafes, this one is an exception. Nice to still see their signature dishes from my first and second visits (some flavours have changed to suit the change in season I guess).

The special for that day was a croissant, scrambled eggs, bacon with truffle. That sounded way too fattening for me, and scrambled eggs are my least favourite eggs, so decided to go with adding truffle onto a popular dish.

Eggs Blini: Buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, brocollini, sauce Mikado and poach eggs-$20 plus shaved WA TRUFFLE-$11

taking photos of different angles to make of the use of that $11 truffle

overexposed photo, but you can see the contrasting TRUFFLE colour

top view

The reason why I didn't have this dish on my earlier visits was because I thought the flavours would be weird and $20 for a pancake of that size is quite expensive.

I was so wrong. I know understand why this is a must order dish. Loved how the salmon wrapped around the 2 perfectly poached eggs, hidden under the truffle. Not sure what they cured it with since i couldn't taste the flavour, but could taste the fresh fish (: The brocollini was nice and soft whilst the salmon xavier gave it some texture and helped add some savouriness to the dish. The Mikado sauce is kind of like a hollandaise sauce but a bit more acidic yet not too overpowering. From photos, the sauce looks like a generous portion, but on this dish there wasn't much of it. I guess it's a good thing since you want the truffle to shine on the dish.

I've had truffle before, but not a generous shaving of it such as on this dish. Everyone around me turned heads as my dish arrived. Heard other's saying 'it smells so nice' and sneaking glances at my plate. IT WAS WORTH MY MONEY. Truffle has a very distinguished aroma and taste, super hard to describe. Kind of earthy, slightly sweet but not really sweet. Yeah, no idea how to describe truffle but it just gave so much flavour to the dish. Truffle flavour isn't salty, just added it's own distinctive flavour. YUM. Anyone reading this, go to Devon and have some truffle! Didn't have time to go Devon on Danks since you kind of have to go out of your way to go there...but they have more truffle dishes there.

Finishing off this post with some yolk porn. Love how this egg is placed higher on the stack and the yolk actually runs down and you use the pancake to soak some of that yolk. Some action shots!

just cut

spilling down...

pool of yolk

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  1. Man, that egg looks pretty much perfectly cut. And I remember having truffle oil once at the Grounds of Alexandria (the smashed avocado). I should try pure truffle sometime!