Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Aqua S Take 2

My first experience on their first flavour rotation I decided to get the super aesthetic fairy floss. I love fairy floss, but it is difficult to eat without getting your hands sticky or the ice cream melting all over the place. During exam period, I decided to visit this place as a 'reward' for getting up at 5am for my morning exams. This place is actually opposite my bus stop, so every time I go hope, I'm always thinking should I have some ice cream.

Sea salt and Fruit Punch (dairy free) in a cup-$3.80

The other choice that day was Milo which is pretty boring since you can imagine what it would taste like. The fruit punch was quite creamy even though it was dairy free (missed out on the balck sesame flavour by an hour since they changed it just that morning). It had a slightly fruity tropical/citrus flavour, with the after taste of a lemonade/soda. For a soft serve, this flavour was quite complex. Having it in a cup, I feel like they gave you twice as much. I was actually rushing for the bus, and luckily the bus driver let me on since I had less than 10mins for my hourly bus to arrive, and only managed to get the part above the cup. It feels heavier in a cup compared to cone.

Sea salt and Green Apple (dairy free) in a choc waffle cone-$3.80

Half a year later, the servings have gone slightly smaller, now they give you 3 and a bit of 'swirls' in a cone, where as from photos at the beginning of the year, it was around 4 and a bit. Opted for the diary free flavour again since the other one was Caramello, and that sounded too sweet since I never ever finished one of those big Caramello Koalas before (even though I have a sweet tooth). The green apple was not creamy at all, it was quite sour and icy, definitely like a sorbet texture. It chilled the front of my teeth, but was nicely balanced with the creaminess from the sea salt flavour. This time it actually wasn't as salty, so I guess it depends what day you go since they make different batches. The cone was nice and crunchy as usual. Didn't get toppings since it's more of the novelty of it and it's just not worth the money imo after trying it once.

There's going to be a store in Macquarie Centre soon! Walked past the sign/space today, it's around Coles. I guess they did realise their soft serve is different and worth expanding to other parts of Sydney.

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  1. All those flavours sound so exotic. They may be too complex for my uncultured tastebuds, haha.


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