Tuesday, July 7, 2015


finished the last season of glee ever in just a few days. watched almost all the episodes since the first one in 2009. at first i thought it was weird how people suddenly broke into dance and songs, and how unrealistic everything is when they say they have no money but normal songs have heaps of costumes and a band etc. really loved Lea Michele's singing and acting. loved how they took all these popular and also not well known songs and put their spin on it. after Cory Montieth died two years ago, it thought they would kill glee straightaway, but they did manage to drag it out a bit more for two years. thought they wrapped up things nicely for the last episode :) yay, one less show to follow. can't watch these things during uni...

today the whole shopping centre blacked out, including the telephone lines, so no one had any electricity except for woolies who had their own emergency back up supply so they could keep their business running. we were actually doing alright at work, but we couldn't call people to tell them that there wasn't any electricity since all the info is stored on computers...can't process anything at all, not even do any eye exams etc. you don't realise how essential electricity is until it goes away. i wonder what happened to all the meats from the butcheries, cakes, ice creams etc...luckily it wasn't summer or everything would just melt...like you're already losing business since you can't sell anything but then also losing your products/stock would be so bad...sat in the dark for over an hour until they evacuated the centre since the emergency light/electricity supply was going to run out. made the most of my afternoon finally baking some scones which i have literally been wanting to make since last year July holidays, but haven't been able to find the time.

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  1. yeah, that would have been pretty bad for ice cream. Hope it wasn't for too long!