Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gelato with Friends

it kind of just hit me that i'm actually getting old. just learning about ageing of the eye last sem, i kind of don't want to imagine what happens to the body with age...should stop spending money on cafe food...but can't help it since you can only eat unhealthy things whilst you're young, since there are more effects on your body when you get older...

one of my courses don't have a final exam! actually a first. he's a pretty funny lecturer, and understands us as optom students have a million other exams during finals. it does mean continuous stream of assignments...but it should be fine hopefully...

shouted my optom crew Messina today-i wouldn't have survived without the help and people answering my sometimes stupid questions

their prices have increased ): apparently it increased in June...and after reading the reasoning, i guess it's understandable...

500mL tub-$12.80
  choc chip, poached figs in marsala, pandan and coconut,
salted caramel w/ white choc, a-malaysianf, cookie monster crack

definitely lacking a sorbet in the second tub since everyone could pick a flavour, sorbets aren't usually your first choice, you would rather have gelato than sorbet. really liked the a-malaysiang flavour even though couldn't really taste the 'stick coconut'.  this gelato combo got quite rich afterwards...but i could finish it off hehe. haven't had messina since the beginning of the year. don't plan to have it till the next break. these things you actually have to go out of your way to get. 

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  1. Apparently people with a slightly higher BMI tend to live longer, and the latest research shows that higher carb diets also aid in longevity. Partially because it gives you a buffer against illness. And happiness and less stress always helps :)