Friday, July 3, 2015

goodbye (?)

after a stream of food posts (and more to come), which has been a way of me trying to think about other stuff, i am 99.9% sure i am repeating.

i didn't get a supp for anything ))))):

not even for the super failed prac D= only 5/6 people got a supp for prac, but i wasn't one of them

i think everyone i talk to know i really do work hard, well try and study hard, but some things just slip your mind due to all the stress/anxiety

i try to tell myself not all hope is lost. i can still do the pharmacy lec next sem since i don't think there are any prerequisites since it's run by the med school. also can do a gen ed next sem so i don't have to do a summer course. maybe can still do the visn course if i passed visn this sem. just can't do diseases and the main optom one since i failed the optom prac exam.

at least my parents will let me go Europe to visit Connie in the holidays since i don't have a gen ed to do.

actually told people at work that the fails rates are high and hinted that i may have failed so don't be surprised if i just work there for an extra year...yes, it means 1 year less of an income if i don't keep failing...

it was nice knowing people in my grade.

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  1. Hold on - there is always hope. Don't worry about anything until you have to - and when you get there, remember that worry can never help you! Just do your best. It's such a frustratingly simple thing to say, but there is a lot of truth in it and I've been trying to learn to apply this to my life too.