Saturday, August 1, 2015

yay August! and yes I am biased having favourite months.

did some damage today...spent over a day's worth of pay D= hardly ever do this unless i'm on holidays...

already behind in wk 1 ): diseases require so much self study.watching at least 5 hours of pecs online then fortnightly exams/presentations in class...he talks so fast as well, so keep pausing the vid, so a 1hr lec turns into 1.5+hr.

i understand why event planners exist. it's for people who want to plan but don't have time to plan so they just tell someone what they want and on the day everything should run smoothly...i guess when i was young and had more time, i thought what's the purpose when you can plan everything yourself? i actually don't mind planning, it's just time consuming...

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  1. But so much of the fun is in the planning! And if you plan, you know for sure it's what you want.


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