Monday, July 27, 2015

yay! Billie won MasterChef 2015 (: really didn't like Georgia. if you can't handle the stress/pressure, the how can you be a chef? it's part of the competition. and she cries non stop. i actually didn't have a massive favourite this season, maybe Reynold because of his desserts. i only had people whom i didn't want to win.

that Heston dish was so amazing. 5 hours to make it, wow.

super intense finals. first time where someone won first 2 rounds but final winner won the 3rd. she's deserving to win, so calm under pressure, and cook both savoury and sweet and so much prettiness. also getting a job at probably the most exclusive restaurant in the world! it's the first year (i think) which MC didn't go overseas for a trip. in the first season, i still remember them going to HK. i think the extra few thermomixes they bought this year probably took away their plane ticket money, and since qantas always say they have been losing money, they didn't have the money to sponsor them...

uni this week already, the month has definitely flown by. lecturers actually uploading everything a week before wk 1 and so many self study stuff to do before the lecs. went into clinic today, totally not ready to see real people. need to find our own px as well for our 3 weeks time D=

feeling behind already in uni and uni hasn't even really started yet. many lecs not in wk 1, which is bad since it means they run till wk 13...

well now that MC is over, i actually have time to study rather than drag out my dinner sem 2 results are usually a bit better than sem 1, so lets hope in this super important sem where a minimum cut off wam is needed and need to pass every single course to progress to next year that less tv means more time to study

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  1. I didn't watch Master Chef but felt like I pretty much followed it just by our G8s WhatsApp, and also my mum's love for Reynold. By the end of the season my dad called him my mum's godson.