Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Charcoal Mine BBQ House

Korean is one of those cuisines that I don't know much about, and hardly have a chance to eat. Lovely catch up on this night with old high school friends at a KBBQ. I guess the good thing about KBBQ is that it's quite a social thing, so you can talk while you eat/cook.

Whenever I go to Parra, I always drive past this place/never knew it existed. It's not in the Parra CBD, so best to drive there and park on side streets (free parking after 6pm on the usually metered-streets during the day). On a Friday night, it was packed, with some tables leaving and more people come in/2nd seating. It's priced at $35pp buffet style for Fri night, I guess it's the average price these days.

There's not a lot of variety compared to previous experiences I've had. Some of their meat was marinated but would have preferred more flavour, particularly with the Bulgogi. I guess that does mean less sodium, so slightly healthier...They also have unmarinated meats as well. The food started to come out slowly but more batches came out throughout the night. They didn't change the pan thing a lot in the beginning until later in the night as well it was changed a bit more...Would have liked to see some more Korean food/side dishes available.


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  1. Oh haha I always pass this one on the bus, nice to see someone actually going there!