Thursday, July 2, 2015

Paper Plane Cafe

I've been wanting to come try this place for about a year, but since I hardly go out west, it's always hard to find the time during uni. Decided to come here to farewell a good friend as she heads of overseas on exchange for a year, I guess the 'plane' part was fitting...

Came here early so didn't have to wait. The cafe itself doesn't have a lot of seating.

food :)

Hot choc-$4.50, Marsala Chai-$5.50 (?)

The hot choc was pretty big for the price, and was nice and chocolately without being too sweet. From looking at friends photos, it used to come with 3 marshmallows, but now only 2. Tried a bit of the tea, and the spices weren't strong enough even though it smelt really good.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny-$15

Again, last year they gave you 2 pieces of toast, but now since everything is getting expensive and the price remained roughly the same, there's only one piece of toast. The eggs were nice and running, but the hollandaise sauce could have more flavour and creaminess, and the smoked salmon didn't have much smoked flavour in it. The wilted spinach was hidden under the salmon, so I thought that was pretty neat. 

yolk porn

French toast-$13 (?)

Came out on a super big wooden board with 2 fat pieces of taste. It's not a brioche style, so doesn't have that extra crunch on the outside, but the bread was nice and soft, and that custard wasn't overly sweet. Not your typical french toast, but I think if you were after something filling on the cheaper side of the menu, then this would be it.

Literally trekked to Parra just for catch ups over food.

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