Monday, July 20, 2015

MYC 2015-The God who is

Another massive week of 5 days looking deep into God's word. Before I start off with the main points from this year, looking back at last year's post, and I can see some things did change (:

This year wasn't as controversial as last year's mid year conference. Definitely learnt new things, but it was more reinforcing things I knew.

Some of the main points I took away/learnt this year:
- Propitiation: Old Testament sacrifice of atonement->2 warring parties be at one relationship
- we are propitiated by Christ: we can be sure God is no longer angry at us even with all the sin in this world, don't have to pretend we aren't sinners
- Expiation: emphasises the removal of guilt through a payment to pay the penalty
- God chose not to save Jesus on the cross->Jesus endured God's wrath
- The resurrection of Jesus is an assurance that judgement day is fixed and is coming
- World keeps looking more broken, but God 's plan to fix the world is already underway, through His word and the Spirit.
- When we abide in God, God will abide in us
- Share the gospel to glorify God

Many of these points probably don't make sense to most of you...but it's just for my personal reflection if/when I look back into past post...

Some more food for thought:
- Realising how gospel rich Australia is. Anyone one of us knows more stuff about the Bible compared to cities/states like Germany, where only the missionary there knows stuff, but not enough people there to teach others...
- Many countries like Zimbabwe and Singapore are actually prosperity churches, meaning that if you believe, you'll become rich and wealthy and have everything you prayed about....but it's not how it works...
- Doctors/optom examples, working in good paying jobs but then dropping that for full time ministry. wow. The guy was like people go on medical missions to help sick people overseas, but people are so desperate for temporary medical health that telling them about the gospel never actually happens even though that actually will heal you in the long term. do good to only maintain the world as best we can, but there will be a day that this world is destroyed, may or may not be in our lifetime...
- but it's still possible to work overseas in gospel-deprived countries, and even helping with the super churches over there...hmm...just in some countries, optom is an illegal career...
- Predestination: God ultimately chooses us before we choose Him, but how does a none Christian know that God will never choose you? We also have the ultimate power to turn away, even for Christians...still don't get this stuff =/

other stuff was things I knew already...

camp food there was pretty decent last year, and it has improved this year (: was continuously eating those few days: breakfast, morning tea, snacking during seminars, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, midnight snacks...repeat 5 times...definitely can gain weight during this week, even if every day I have to walk 30min to and from my room to the main hall/rooms...the extra $50 was totally worth ensuiting. I think once you experience the 'en-suite life' it's hard to go back to the 'dorming life'

finally visited the alpacas this year. 

people have such fun board games for free time 

literally had tears of happiness last Monday night. first things i checked were any UF or FL. going to the next semester of optom you have to pass all components in each subject...I've always known and believed that it is by God's wisdom and grace that I have passed...even though I do try hard, it is God who's given me the ability to study (not sure if this makes sense...hard to type my thoughts about this down...) actually feeling so heartbroken for those who couldn't make it...

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