Monday, July 6, 2015

Inside Out

today was a pretty successful day. i was worried the tickets i reserved last week weren't really reserved since they sold out yesterday, but turns out going to the hotel and meeting up with the organiser who was still able to process the tickets, and managed to not pay the extra $3+ for administration fees on the website/credit card charges, which was enough for ice cream (:

what if feelings had feelings?
yep, it was a pretty deep movie, so many different emotions. it wasn't an amazing movie, probs liked Minions better because Minions are cute, but it was a pretty smart movie talking about different emotions. not sure how some kids would understand that stuff. and it's Disney-what's not to love?

so many people are in Europe on holidays atm, and more people going to go. even more than last year when the dollar was higher back then...looking at photos from my cousin who's in south France, that scenery is to die for

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  1. I've heard mixed things about Inside Out! So far, though, no one's gone and said it's the best movie ever.