Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fujipan Japanese Bakery

Decided to come here after an exam one time to try out their soft serve, since I had to wait for their bus. The bakery itself is quite small and quite dim (the optom in me is judging their lighting conditions). Coming to a bakery to not have baked goods but ice cream, hehe. It looked smaller in photos than irl, but once you actually start eating it, it's actually surprisingly filling for a snack. Generally, their soft serve is definitely a lot more icy compared to the other ones around. Less creamy and a lot more colder when you eat it, luckily it doesn't have watery icy bits in it.
black sesame-$2.90
Super strong black sesame flavour, with a little bit of sweetness. Waffle cone was nice and crunchy.

green tea-$2.90
Again, a super strong hit of green tea-it's actually bitter, even the colour is quite a strong green. Can definitely taste the green tea and not much sweetness, so probably people who like their ice cream sweet it's not the best. I actually don't mind sweet stuff, but when it comes to green tea/matcha, I love the full flavour of it without the sugar.

Didn't feel like Asian bread on both occasions, but I wouldn't mind coming back for thirds of their ice cream if I have a craving for Asian flavoured soft serves.

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  1. Bitter! I kind of like bitter things. And Fujipan is quite a pretty store.

  2. Their sesame icecream is still my fav in sydney :D