Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Choc Pot

Didn't have to go to Burwood for The Choc Pot now that Chatswood has one in the District. Been receiving so many Snap Chats of this dessert place, so decided to come here on my mini Chatswood food run.

dessert for dinner (:

On the top right is a Green Tea Latte Pannacotta. Never heard/seen something like this, so decided to get it even though it was $12. Some coconut milk froth on top with lychee pearls (those little balls you see when you get froyo) then the panna cotta is in a latte cup.  You get a good hit of matcha throughout it, and it's actually visible. It's not a traditiontal panna cotta which is silky/creamy and wobbles on the plate, this ones is more dense, but the flavour was on point.

red velvet hot choc-$6.50

Main reason wanting to come here. I'm actually not a massive chocolate fan, but I still do like tying different varieties of chocolate in any form. Actually does taste like red velvet, even though the actual cake is just chocolate with red colouring, and some buttermilk. The Jersey milk used here does make the hot choc smoother and creamier without being actually creamy. Loved the little bit of whipped cream on the side. Portions were generous 

The Choc Pot-$12

oozing chocolate
Have to order the original when coming to the Choc Pot. We were too full to try the other desserts. More towards the pricier end for a fondant, but it did have melted chocolate in the middle, and the cake was quite moist and not too dense. Strawberries on the side to dip into the choc (:

They also have a lot of teas available, and most of them sound like the names of teas from T2, yet they didn't say they have T2 teas....

After I try other places on my list-to-eat, I'll like to be back to try the other desserts.

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  1. $12.00! That seems quite pricey, but if it's good, then I guess it's worth trying! My Bible study group wanted to go here for a social once but I think we ended up going to Café Bello instead. Maybe we'll go to the Choc Pot next time after exams!


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