Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MKR 2015

last Saturday, MKR 2015 winners Will and Steve came to my local shops to do a cooking demo and a meet and greet. it's a pretty small shopping centre, so there wasn't a lot of seats...really liked this pair, funny on TV and pretty decent cooks. i'm not an mkr fan, but i like watching cooking shows (: it's not everyday someone on TV comes up to my area.

crispy salmon dish

so sad, they only made 10 servings of this, and the people at the front got it since we sat at the back. this plate went to an Indian family of 3: mum and 2 kids. what's worse is that they only hate of the dish and were 'too full'. pleaseee, should have at least cut the dish into two. sah greedy. the kids already have signed shirts, signed booked, $100 worth of vouchers, and the MC chose them to get the dish. what a waste of beautiful food.

have to say, the MC was sooo racist. people asked questions and got $50 vouchers, and extra vouchers (i.e. more than one). some Indian couple just sat there and he was like 'a look, a couple, here you go, free cheeseboard'. this lady gave her sample to another lady 'oh how nice of you, free $10'. people got multiple vouchers, whilst he kept ignoring us. 

whilst i asked like 5 questions, mum asked 1, we gave up our seat for an old lady, and that MC just turns a blind eye. just gave vouchers to caucasians and Indians, not a single Asian got something, and ignored them completely. i guess the 'older' Australian population, there are still some people who don't like Asians, it's the younger population who accepts all cultures. well, we're used to this kind of stuff...it was just annoying how people already had stuff and he gave them even more.

i only got a voucher because i was the first one to 'like' a page, but the MC didn't realise that 'task' was already done, so he grudgingly gave me a voucher. 

apple spring rolls w/ mascarpone cream and pistachios
they made 3 full servings in a glass and gave it again to the first 3 people sitting at the front-they already had the salmon, so bad sharing there...only got a tiny portion...the apples had some acidity but the cream wasn't that amazing/the dessert was lacking flavour. 

apparently they're taking over a restaurant for the night, but a dinner cost around $200, no thanks, i think i'll rather go to a renowned chef.

got my photo (:

in the end, i did get a cook book. actually, at the end of the demo, they had 2 copies left, and will and steve asked questions about the show, which were super hard and no one could answer. like who were the first people to be eliminated? well as i said, i'm not an mkr fan, and don't follow it closely like MasterChef, so i had no idea. whilst i was still googling, they decided to just give out the book, and this lady and my mum then put up her hand. then Will was just like 'who wants it' so my mum just walked up to the front to take it #noshame. if you the (racist) mc guy ignore us and won't give me a book, well the cooks offered it so we will take it! 

the centre was also handing out free shopping bags which are actually really good quality! Will and Steve are actually quite tall url, and still have their jokes. 

productive day getting a signed cook book and photo (:

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  1. That apple spring roll looks nice :) And yay for the signed cookbook and photo!