Saturday, July 25, 2015

Four Frogs Creperie

If you're ever doing the Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk, walk from Coogee to Bondi since there's more food choices at Bondi rather than Coogee. After our walk, we decided to head to Randwick, since there wasn't much to eat at Coogee (if there are, please let me know good cafes)

This place is close to uni, but never had the time to come here, so after walking up the hill from Coogee to Randwick, decided to come here for crepes. We were seated upstairs, and it's a really nice atmosphere. There's an open window and it kind of feels like you're in Europe, looking down onto the street, and with their simple but effective decor (sorry no photos, was too tired lol)


specials for the day

Galette of bacon, egg, swiss cheese and avocado-$16

that runny egg yolk

I was actually sick on this walk, but decided I needed some fresh air, and also I thought I shouldn't eat sweet things if I'm opted for savoury. They use buckwheat which is naturally more brown in colour, hence the 'burnt' appearance of the crepe, but it's not actually burnt. Crepe was thin and buckwheat flavour not too strong (I'm not a massive fan of buckwheat, but don't mind it when it's mixed with other flours when baking). Quite a lot of fat on the bacon so trimmed it away...Loved that egg yolk, they also gave you the option of having it runny or cooked-of course I chose runny!

banana, walnut, honey

chocolate and strawberry

white choc, salted caramel, almonds (?)

Had a bite of the sweet crepes, and definitely prefer them, I guess crepes are originally sweet. It's thinner, softer and more pleasant to eat. Want to try a sweet one next time...when I'm not sick..

Coastal Walk (:


ended up walking in the rain for a bit


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