Tuesday, June 30, 2015

PappaRich at Macquarie

Macquarie is starting/continuing to have everything from shopping to food. Things you used to find in the city are now also in Macquarie. From Snag and Stand, Chefs Gallery, and soon Ippudo (they turned on their lights today, which means it's opening soon), and many more different places to eat. Still getting lost in this shopping centre with it's continuous expansions.

Second time at Pappa Rich, first time was at Parra. Didn't have their roti this time, but opted for a stir fried dish, since it had chilli, it also meant that it was an excuse to try one of their many dishes. From memory, the prices at Maquarie are slightly more expensive than Parra, or maybe their prices have just increased across the board since last year.

Pappa Char Koay Teow: flat noodles w/ prawns, fish cakes, egg, bean, sprouts and chives-$13.90
Matcha Rocks-$7.50

The dish was on the spicy side for me (I can hardly eat spicy stuff), but is was a nice spicy and bearable. The dish obviously doesn't look like it does on the menu. They do give you 3 prawns as pictured, but the fish cakes were super shredded. It's actually not a massive dish for the price, nor was there a lot of toppings. It was definitely filling for one person with a drink, but more on the expensive side for something stir fried. Didn't turn the plate around to take this photo, which is kind of annoying.

The drink itself wasn't too sweet, but was expecting a bigger matcha/green tea hit which I didn't get. The red beans weren't that sweet either, but I prefer these types of drinks not overly sweet or else it feels like you're drinking sugar.

Watched Minions after dinner, and they are super cute! There is a story line, so I guess the movie was better than I expected it to be since minions can't really talk, but you still can kind of understand them.

vegetarian roti-$7.90, roti canai single-$5.50, teh tarik (iced)-$4.20

Took my mum here the next day since she hasn't had the roti from here before. Can't really see them make the roti like the other places...They said it would take around 15mins, but luckily it was lunch and they weren't super busy, so it took less than that. The single piece of roti is quite expensive considering you add around $2 for some curry sauce and a slightly bigger piece of roti. We still didn't manage to finish the sauces even with another piece of roti. Also, that red sauce was way too spicy for us, but the other curries were a nice spice level. The teh tarik was slightly on the sweeter side and not as heavy on the tea flavour. It was a super quick lunch stop from all the shopping since we were planning to go somewhere else for our second lunch of the day.

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  1. I'm surprised the red beans weren't sweet. That sounds pretty good, they must have been fresher then.