Sunday, May 4, 2014

i am 99% sure that i never get my 1st or 2nd preference for timetables because i have slow internet.

it's not slow, slow, i can still stream or download stuff at speeds which i think is fine, but compared to other people/big companies and for timetabling purposes, i have super slow internet.

and tomorrow is the day, again at 2pm, again where i have a lab/tute... and everyone wants to be in group 3 because you can have 4days of uni most of next semester, but repeating students always have their enrolment times a few days before us and they get 1st preference. only 13.6% chance of getting into that group. i have to worst of luck with timetable enrolling ):

it's either risk it and go click fast and hope you get enrolled into group 3, but then if it the servers majorly crash for you then even my 2nd preference would already be full. or give up hope for my first preference, and hope for 2nd preference...then again, 4 days of uni is very tempting, but i'm not sure if i should risk it if i don't get that group, i'll end up with the worst timetable with two 8am starts...

i had more to say, but i just don't know if i should risk it or play safe and try for 2nd preference. someone needs to write a how-to guide for avoiding unsw servers crash whilst enrolling.

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