Tuesday, May 20, 2014

this week is the calm before the storm.

next week big fat assignment due, dispensing prac exam which they did not give anything info about. a lot of our optom exams are like that. the date's in the course outline, but they don't tell you any other info about format, time limit etc. the stressful thing about dispensing is the 75% pass mark. if you don't get 75%, then you fail the strand which means you failed the subject even if you passed the other strands, which means you have to repeat 2nd year next year...also have VEC next week, i wished i was placed in an early week or next sem. it's basically 3 hours of taking care of primary school kids.

week 13 another anatomy spot test and 10 hours diagram due. btw, why do we have so many blodd vessels??? i was never good at drawing to begin with, but with a million lines to draw, i don't even know where to begin. at least my partner is willing to stay behind at uni to use the instruments.

then stuvac. but no, once again, i have an exam on the friday of stuvac. then a saturday exam, on the same day that i have my mid year concert. i don't even know if i can make it there on time ): then 5 exams in the following two weeks.

half of one of my subjects, so one of the papers, then half of that paper has a section which is open book. but gg, the questions are going to be near impossible.

yday in my tute, our lecturer (well in all my tutes/labs/pracs, the tutors etc are our lecturers), she brought some biscuits for us. so nice of her, even if it's just one biscuit each, but it's the first time where a lecture brought food for everyone, and not just the odd chocolate in the lecture room.

i just don't know how i'm going to study everything in time, let alone make the info sink in ):

they always put young chefs in the first week of immunity challenges.

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  1. 75% pass mark?!

    Also, sometimes I'm amazed at the complexity of your course, like blood vessels, wow. We did a few but I bet the ones in the eye are super hard.