Friday, May 9, 2014

i am really hating the proposed budget changes. the good thing that sets Australia apart is our healthcare. but to pay every time you see a doctor who just does a 5min check up? well, then it's not much different to overseas where people have to pay every time. you know, i would love to live in America, apart from the fact that their health care system isn't as good, and in some parts/even major cities, things happen...but even so, to not have HECS in the future for aus students would be so taxing. then definitely overseas students would come to aus and take all our spaces, since overseas people can afford it. and increasing petrol prices to 3c a litre?? that's heaps in the long term, and petrol prices rises itself cause of inflation or whatever. and retiring at 70? everyone's brains is slower as you get older, and your eyes get worse for obvious reasons. so for me, how will i be able to test people when i really need my eye sight to look? and like for surgeons/doctors, i am pretty sure you have to see clearly what you are cutting into...and then people in finance etc, you need to quick brain. like my uncle had his own investment something company which he managed/directed, but he's "semi-retired" after 10 years of doing that stuff since it's just so taxing on the brain (and he's only in his 40s, how are people 65+ meant to think just as fast as people half their age).

there are so many more other things, but i will leave it there for now.

that person on MC was so skilled with that crab last night. just crabbing it with her bare hands and not scared of sharp bits cutting her skin. definitely can believe she goes crabbing every weekend. also, Kylie Kwong is trialling out that Schezhuan pepper mud crab in her Billy Kwong restaurant this weekend. if i could eat spicy stuff, i would love to try it. just watching them eat with their fingers with no shame, and you can have a chance this weekend to eat master chef food! if it's successful, she'll consider putting it on the the crab was actually THAT good. i am 100% sure that if you go on master chef, all the judges, chefs, producers have the right to claim your recipe and use it, so until you actually win...maybe we'll be seeing more chefs making some of MC contestants dishes. oh, and Billy Kwong has been on my to-go list for quite a while now (a few years), but i'm not dying to go since it's still technically asian. i love to spend my monies on my western food (:

side note, it's that time of the year when our weather is similar to Canada's. i don't like how it's cold in the mornings but hot during the day. why can't it just be cold the whole day so i just keep my jacket on, or just warm during the whole day so i don't have to bring a jacket in the morning? #firstworldproblems

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  1. Yeah! America's healthcare system is :/ Also, I've been reading about Fred Hollows and it makes me realise how cool optometry can be!