Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bondi Pizza and Zumbo QVB

normally i never go out to eat off campus or on campus, but today i decided i had to go bondi pizza because 1. i've never been before 2. voucher expires tomorrow 3. it's free 4. i had a 2 hour break, exam next week, but i can study on the bus to make up for "lost" time.

also, if i go to places to eat, i try to do it during semester when i have a my multi. i try to avoid going places paying a few dollars for a bus ticket, and getting free stuff, which kind of ruins the purpose of getting free stuff. but same with cafes etc, i try to go to places when i have a my multi, but there's no time during semester and i want to save money...so i end up not going, and places from two years ago have still remained on my list of places to eat...

went to bondi junction since it's less than 15minute bus ride from upper campus, and my labs today are at upper campus.

i really love bondi junction westfield. the shopping is really good (has some stores pitt st mall doesn't) and it has a view! even in the food courts you can look out onto sydney.

the service was really good even though i wasn't paying a single cent. the guy didn't check my id and even came with a whole glass bottle with water poured for me.

love eating with a view (:

a bit towards the left is the harbour bridge, but people were there and i didn't want to take a pic of them...and i didn't want to eat outside since it was windy

sicilian: traditional Italian pepperoni, chorizo, Wagu meatballs (beef and pork), Spanish onion, pancetta (bacon), kalamata olives, bocconcini & rocket without chilli oil. 12" $24.95

i feel like everyday is cheat day. i'm not supposed to eat cheese and all this junk food, but it's free pizza which i haven't tried. bondi pizza is actually expensive compared to other places where you can get a 20" gourmet authentic italian pizza for around the same price. but this pizza was still good! the bas was rolled out really thinly, and was soft but not too flimsy or crispy. the prosciutto cracked at the touch of your fork, and there was a lot of processed meat goodness. after a while, it did became overly salty, but it was salty goodness. would have preferred more greens to balance it out more. didn't have chilli oil since the chorizo's themselves have some spice (and i'm not supposed to eat chilli either, not that i can to begin with...) was super full after this, and didn't have any meat at all during dinner. so much processed meat in one sitting... 

got back to uni within an hour (:

it's actually really hard to take a selfie of the store, since the cabinet has light, then you have the natural lighting overhead, and spotlights and other lighting around. so it's either my face is light, and the stuff inside the cabinet is also light and you can't see it, or my face is dark, but you can see the cakes inside. what are the chances of winning...? not many people posted a photo, so i don't even know if the competition is still running...and bought it as a post-mid-sem-result-pick-me-up. getting told that average was 50%, i don't want to know my result...

for more than 2 days, i kept missing out on the passionfruit tart ): today, the last one sold out half an hour before i got there. last week there was plenty when i checked it out. the qvb store is very small, and has a limited supply and varieties. also, some of the cakes aren't straight since they've been transport, probably from the star. since my bus stop is on either side of the qvb, if i really crave some zumbarons, it's only a minute detour before i catch my bus...whilst i was there, the fondant bar cake and red velvet cake sold out. to the experience jumbo fan, the cakes have gone slightly smaller, but the prices haven't changed...but i guess it's kinda expected. what i don't like is how the cakes are now put on plastic not foil cardboard.

Apple Maple Cheesecake-apple mousse, cinnamon cheesecake, anzac biscuit, apple puree gel & yoghurt sponge $9

look at that thinly curved apple! it was just placed not every deeply into the mousse, but could still stand up. the white choc decorative stick broke in the box ): at least the box was purple! (:

those layers <3

i was so happy that this was a light cheesecake after a very heavy lunch and minimal dinner. it's zumbo, so it's not your average cheesecake. this has close to no sweetness, it has the right amount of acidity from the apple, and balanced with the light apple mousse. the cinnamon was subtle and i normally i'm not a big fan of anzac biscuits, but in the layer, it is really thin and gave the cake some texture. ahh, it's so good (:

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